Tero Teelahti

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Solution developer/Architect

For over 16 years I have worked as a consultant in customer projects, lately mainly in government and financial sectors. During my career I have specialized in solution architecture, web development, and some MS Server products. I have worked with lots of interesting people on-shore and off-shore, and I get kicks from learning from them and to be able to coach them myself. I enjoy speaking at conferences and other developer events.

I’m a strong believer of software quality and I try to enforce that with all the ways I can. At times that is hard in client facing timeboxed projects, but I do not see any other way in trying to keep our industry trustworthy.

I’m an obsessed tech industry follower. Some buzzwords that currently interest and keep me busy include (but are not limited to): Azure, AWS, Mesos, C#, JavaScript, Go, ASP.NET 5, HTML5, RavenDB, Redis, Messaging, CQRS, Event sourcing.

Currently I work as a CTO & co-founder at Armada Interactive, where my main responsibility is to create a scalable game backend. Before current role I worked as a Chief architect at Basware. If you want to know more about my skills and my career you can download my full resume (pdf), or check any of the social sites listed on the menu/about.

Outdoor person, North Pole skier

Although strictly thinking this has nothing to do with my professional life, it still affects me as a person and coworker and thus is hard to leave unmentioned. I have done lots of sports in my life, and quite a lot of nice trips around the world. The ultimatum of this all was an unsupported expedition to the North Pole at 2006 with a group of seven skiers. The old site is still live, you can check www.pohjoisnapa.fi if you want to learn more.