A small but annoying bug I found today (and seems that someone else is having the same problem): when using jQuery.tablesorter) plugin together with tablesorterPager, applying the pager clears some properties from the table; In this case namely zebra striping. After initialization first table page is not striped, but next ones are after the first table page change.

I found some crazy complex solutions, like creating new widgets to replace the built in “zebra”, but the good enough solution ended up being lot easier: asking tablesorter to reapply widget:

var targetTable = $("table#some");
            widthFixed: true,  
            widgets: ['zebra']
            container: $("#pager"),
            size: 10,
            positionFixed: false,
            page: 0
// tableSorterPager clears zebra striping, 
// re-apply it here. For some reason does not 
// work if called directly in continuation 
// to previous jQuery functions
targetTable.trigger("applyWidgetId", "zebra");

jQuery.tablesorter is outdated and not actively developed; If I could choose, I would go for some other plugin like datatables.net or soon-to-be-released “official” jQuery UI grid. In this case I did not have a choice.

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